Papers of the International Association of Hyperpolyglots

Occasional working papers produced by members of HYPIA



member publications

member publications

Reale, Cesco. (2011). Rapporti tra lingue e matematica: esperanto e oltre. Pianetta Gallileo.

Cesco paper.png

Primario Basico del Taino-Borikenaiki HYPIA member Javier A. Hernandez writes a reconstruction of the ancestral language of Puerto Rico's Boriken people. Working towards the preservation of his national heritage, Mr. Hernandez has prepared this linguistic guide for a general audience (Spanish).

Judeo-Spanish: A Vital Living Language

Syllabus: Vol 6, Issue 1

HYPIA member Carlos Yebra Lopez publishes a peer-reviewed work on the Judeo-Spanish language in Syllabus.

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