Interview with

Chris Walker

HYPIA Scholar

Name: Chris Walker
Nationality or Ethnicity: British
Where do you live?: United Kingdom
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

1. HYPIA Research revolves around three main, interrelated activities: a monthly study group (to discuss relevant articles/chapters and videos), an annual conference (to present your own ideas about them) and the publication of selected proceedings from that conference. Ideally, we would be interested in accepting applicants that are able and willing to participate in all 3. On a scale from 1 (most likely) to 10 (less likely), how likely are you to commit to this endeavor?

1 (dependent on the time at which these activities take place)

2. What are your main areas of research interest? Please, rank the following from 1

(most interesting to you) to 5 (less interesting).

(3) Multilingualism

(4) Language ideologies

(6) Formal linguistics

(2) Sociolinguistics

(5) Minoritized languages and/or language revitalization

(1) Other, please specify: Language teaching and acquisition

3. Which linguistic concepts / areas / discourses would you like to explore as part

of HYPIA Research?

I am interested in the balance of L1 and the use of the target language in both the classroom environment and the learning routines of independent learners, and language learner psychology - particularly motivation and confidence.

4. What is unique about your language-related research?

A lot of research focuses on English as a foreign language but I hope to look into learners' acquisition of other languages too, which are perhaps not as commonly taught using communicative approaches as English often is. Similarly, learner motivation is of interest to me as a native English speaker, currently working in a setting where the majority of learners are also L1 English speakers. Much of the research around learner confidence is in the context of the classroom, but this could be an interesting area of research concerning independent language learners, who are solely responsible for their exposure to the language and the ways in which they study and practise it.

5. Please, let us know your related academic credentials, if and as applicable.

- BA Multilingual Studies (French, German and Italian) - 2014.

- Erasmus at Université de La Réunion and Università di Pisa - 2012/2013.

- Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - 2019.

- International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers - 2020.

- UK Qualified Teacher Status - 2022.

- Postgraduate Diploma in Education - Expected 2023.