Interview with
Roshan Naidu

Name: Roshan Ravishankar Naidu

Nationality or Ethnicity: Indian. 

Where do you live?: Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, Urdu, German, Russian.


1. What’s your story? How did you get into all these languages?

Basically my mother is a native from Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh and my father is also from South India but he was raised in Bihar and Jharkand side. Thus my mother tongue is Telugu but i also managed to learn the language that my father learnt which was Bhojpuri. I was born and did my schooling in Nagpur in Maharashtra and since the local language in Nagpur is Marathi which a lot of my friends speak, I learned it. Hindi is a national language so from my childhood I naturally learnt Hindi and Marathi. Sanskrit was the third language that i was to opt for in my school so I qualified in it in school. Hindi and Urdu are almost similar with a slight variation in dialect so by shayari and etc. I learnt it too. I have my school certificates that i mastered and qualified in these languages. 


2. Which language(s) do you wish you could spend more time practising?

I wish i could spend more time practicing and mastering German and then Russian.

3, What are some languages you’d like to learn in the future?

I would like to learn Spanish. 

4. So let’s be honest, what’s the sexiest language?

I guess it would be French.

5. What’s the greatest pleasure you get from speaking so many languages?

It shows the diversity in which you lived and went through. 

6. Some people say the world is really just going to have a few languages left in a 100 years, do you think this is really true?

It is really controversial because if people like me who respect their mother tounge and would like to learn different languages are there. No language would go extinct. But if people start to respect one single culture and would only learn their language then it would posses a threat of languages going extinct. 

7. What is your message to young (and not so young) people out there who are interested in studying multiple languages?

My message to young kids, teens and all other people is that no language is inferior or superior. We all are same and share the world. Let us learn as many languages as we can in this world. We have one life, let us live it to the fullest.

The International Association of Hyperpolyglots - HYPIA. (c) 2020

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