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The International Association of Hyperpolyglots (HYPIA) is an international body representing the unique and growing population of hyperpolyglots worldwide. We adhere to the definition of Hyperpolyglots as proferred by the general consensus to mean “a person who is fluent in six or more languages.”  However, we expand our association to include persons who are conversant in eight or more languages. Although small, our association boasts some of the most talented emerging linguists around the world, and we look forward to welcoming new members all the time.

Our members are truly exceptional and include Fulbright scholars, senior diplomats, trained linguists and interpreters, academics, as well as practitioners who excel in up to twenty different languages (while being conversant in still more!).


We adhere to the strict principle that no language should be accorded preference over any other language. At the same time, we make an effort to respect the linguistic diversity of our community and encourage more remotely spoken languages to be included. In addition, we make core distinctions between standardized languages and dialects such that, as a simple example, American and British English are considered the same language, but Mandarin and Cantonese are not. Furthermore, we recognize pidgins and creoles that enjoy separate status in their regional or national contexts (e.g. Haitian Creole) as unique languages.

We are dedicated to a non-partisan and non-political approach to fostering and encouraging linguistic diversity. We are also committed to the preservation of moribund or dying languages which are in urgent need of interlocutory resuscitation. Furthermore, our values include a dedication to non-discrimination among and between our current and prospect members, which is why we insist on creating a respectful environment, and are committed to inviting new members regardless of age, gender, social status, geography, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity.


We believe in fostering an inclusive and international association that brings out the very best in our members.




"Will joining cost me any money at any point?"

Absolutely Not. Joining HYPIA is a privilege in and of itself, and not relying on monetary considerations frees HYPIA to select candidates in a fair and impartial manner.

"What if I speak less than 6 languages but one of them is very rare, vulnerable, or endangered?"

As part of its commitment to language preservation. HYPIA has started a program for rare language specialists to join as members under a special category.

Where are most of your members from?


Check out this cool map of our regional diversity (with notes).

What is the philosophy behind membership?

Joining the International Association of Hyperpolyglots is a select process that is driven by evidence-based approaches, reputational networks, and peer-review. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to membership[at] detailing which languages you speak, and how you can substantiate this.

Oftentimes, video evidence of your speaking a language for a certain minimum duration can be a good start, as can written or published evidence of your writing aptitude in that language. We often respond to noteworthy candidates asking for a webcam/skype interview with our existing speakers who excel in their stated languages. More details can be attained through email correspondence to membership[at]

Ready to Join?

Send an initial email of inquiry to membership[at]

Now What?

While you wait for a response from our team, read a message from our Founder and President,

Usman W. Chohan

You are also welcome to read interviews with existing HYPIA members here, watch our YouTube channel here, or go through our interesting publications here.

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