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Alexander Holaves

Name: Alexander Holaves
Nationality or Ethnicity: American
Where do you live?: I currently live in New York City and love to travel.
Languages: English, Serbian, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Russian

Member since:


1. Why did you want to learn so many languages at such a young age?

My parents started me in Serbian and English when I was born. By 11 months they also started me Spanish and Mandarin. I am told that by 3 years old I was asking to learn French and by four I was asking for Russian since it seemed like funny Serbian.

2. Is learning languages something fun? Why?

Yes, I like to talk and play with people in different languages.

3. Which language(s) do you wish you could spend more time practising?

Right now I wish I could spend more time talking and reading Mandarin but I love to speak all my languages.

4. What are some languages you’d like to learn in the future?

I have started to learn German but also have interest in Italian and Greek.

5. What would you like to be when you grow up?

I want to teach like my daddy. I like to visit his classes and speak to his students in all my languages.

6. What is your message to other young people who are interested in studying multiple languages?

Study language so you can have many friends from many places.

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